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Chonbuk National University

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robot Lab.

Division of Computer Science and Engineering


Personal Details
  • Lee, Malrey
  • Research FieldsArtificial Intelligence / Robotics
  • LabArtificial Intelligence & Autonomous Robot Lab
  • LocationRoom 7615 (School of Engineering 7th Building)
  • Ph.DChung-Ang University
  • Phone+82 - 63 - 270 - 3993

Field of Research
  • - Intelligent Agent for HealthCare
    - Machine Learning for Autonomous Robot
    - Evolutionary Computation for Artificial
    - Fish RFID Management System
    - Person Tracking and Following Robot
    - Development of Autonomous Robots

Technical Reserves Status
  • - U-Healthcare Framework Develop Technique
    - Analysis Technique for Mobile Distribution of Network
    - Tracking Moving Robot Technique
    - Movement Evolution Monitoring Technique (ex: Fishes, White ants, etc..)
    - Moving Robot Status Analysis System Develop Technique
    - Intellegence 3D Engine Develop Technique

  • - A Study on Distributed Framework Based on Agent for Intelligent Home HealthCare
    - Shopping Mall Development for Automatic Order System
    - Development of 3 Dimension Authoring Tool for Images Processing
    - Development of Dancing Robot
    - A Study on Development of Search Engine by Conceptual Graph Using Hyperlink in Web
    - A Construction Program of Digital Contents Creation HUB for ChonBuk Economy
    - Vision-Based Robotic Person Following Control
    - Fish RFID Management System
    - Termite Tunneling System

Recent Publication Activity
  • - Diagnostic Knowledge Acquisition for Agent-Based Medical Applications
    - A Model of Active Agent Design to Cope Hypertension's Emergencies Situation Rapidly Home Healthcare
    - Vision-Based Person Tracking and Following in Unstructured Environments
    - Vision-Based Robotic Person Following under Lighting Variations
    - Framework for Data Aggregation and Insurance Service in Vehicle Telemetric Using Multi-Agents
    - A Reactive Multi-Agent Based Ant Colony Algorithm
    - The User Preference Learning for Multi-Agent Based on Neural Network in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
    - Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Genetic-Algorithm and Self-Organizing Neuron Network
    - Kinematics Modeling of Multi-Legged Robots Walking on Rough Terrain

The Fields of Employment
  • - Domestic and Foreign IT-Related Businesses(MS, Google, SUN, IBM, SDI, SDS, LG CNS, HYUNDAE etc.)
    - Robotic Systems Domestic and Foreign Enterprises(HYUNDAE-Car S/W Development Institute, Mirae-Software etc.)
    - IT Sector Venture Start-Ups (NHN, Daum Communication, etc.)
    - Government Support Institute (ETRI, KISTI, Defense Institute, KT etc.)
    - Faculty & Researchers (KAIST, GIST, Postech-Robot Lab etc.)